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PDFWAC 132V-15-090

Third party access to records—External.

(1) The college may authorize the following persons/agencies to have access to students' educational records or other personally identifiable information without consent:
(a) Officials of other schools or school systems or institutions in which the student seeks or intends to enroll;
(b) Persons in connection with a student's application for or receipt of financial aid;
(c) Accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function;
(d) Persons in compliance with a judicial order after written notification to the student;
(e) Persons acting pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena;
(f) Persons, in response to an emergency, whose actions are considered to protect the health or safety of students or other persons;
(g) Organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, educational agencies or institutions for the purpose of developing, validating, or administering predictive tests, administering student aid programs, and improving instruction and/or services; Provided, that the studies are conducted in a manner which will not permit the personal identification of student and their parents by individuals other than representatives of the organization and the information will be destroyed when no longer needed for the purposes for which the study was conducted. The term "organizations" includes, but is not limited to, federal, state and local agencies, and independent organizations;
(h) State and local officials or authorities to whom such information is specifically required to be reported or disclosed pursuant to state statute adopted prior to November 19, 1974;
(i) Alleged victim of any crime may obtain the results of any disciplinary proceeding conducted by the college against the alleged perpetrator of such crime with respect to such crime; and
(j) Public requesting information designated as directory information by the college.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 96-16-034, § 132V-15-090, filed 8/1/96, effective 9/1/96; WSR 89-20-013 (Order 89-1), § 132V-15-090, filed 9/26/89, effective 10/27/89.]
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