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PDFWAC 132P-136-150

Limitations of use.

(1) Where college space is used for an authorized function (such as a class or a public or private meeting under approved sponsorship, administrative functions or service-related activities), groups must obey or comply with directions of an authorized representative of the college.
(2) If at any time actual use of college facilities by an individual or group constitutes an unreasonable disruption of the normal operation of the college, such use shall immediately terminate, all persons engaged in such use shall immediately vacate the premises, and leave the college property upon command of the appropriate college official.
(3) Any individual or group granted permission to use college facilities shall agree in advance to abide by all college rules and regulations. The college reserves the right to deny use of college facilities to any individual or group whose past conduct indicates a likelihood that college rules and regulations will not be obeyed. The college may also deny use to a requesting individual or organization which has used the facilities in the past and has damaged college property, left college buildings and grounds in excessive disorder, or failed to cooperate with college staff concerning use of the facilities.
(4) No person may enter onto college grounds or facilities possessing a visible firearm or other dangerous weapon, except specifically as allowed by law.
(5) College facilities may be used for purposes of political campaigning by or for candidates who have filed for public office, directed to members of the public, only when the full rental cost of the facility is paid. Use of state funds to pay for facility rental costs for political campaigns is prohibited.
(6) Promotional materials or posting for any event being held in a college facility must follow the same procedure as applies to students outlined in WAC 132P-33-130.
(7) Use of audio amplifying equipment is permitted only in locations and at times that will not interfere with the normal conduct of college affairs.
(8) YVCC facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes unless such activities clearly serve the educational mission of the college, are either sponsored by an appropriate college unit or conducted by contractual agreement with the college.
(9) Alcoholic beverages will not be served without the approval of the president or his/her designee(s). It shall be the responsibility of the event sponsor to obtain all necessary licenses from the Washington state liquor control board and adhere to their regulations including all state and local regulations and laws, and those of Yakima Valley Community College.
(10) The use of tobacco products is prohibited at Yakima Valley Community College except in designated areas.
(11) Authorization for use of college facilities shall not be considered as endorsement of or approval of any group or organization nor the purposes they represent. The name of the college shall not be associated with any program or activity for which the college facilities are used without specific written approval from the president or his/her designee(s).
(12) Rental of college facilities carries no right of advertising on college premises other than the right to post a sign for the purpose of directing people to the place of assembly.
(13) Unless otherwise provided by contractual agreement, an authorized member of the college staff shall be required to be available at times when college facilities are in use by a group. If service beyond normal business hours is required as a result of any meeting, such time shall be paid by the using organization at the currently established rate. The college may require and charge users for security services at the college's discretion.
(14) Audio-visual equipment and materials are intended to support and supplement the college's curriculum. Equipment shall not be rented to external users, unless official prior approval has been granted and currently established rates are charged. The existence of equipment in a rented space does not mean the user has the right to use it.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 11-11-067, ยง 132P-136-150, filed 5/16/11, effective 7/1/11.]
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