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PDFWAC 132P-136-160

Denial of use.

Yakima Valley Community College is a state agency and exists to serve the public. However, the college may deny use of its facilities to any individual, group or organization if the requested use would:
(1) Interfere or conflict with the college's instructional, student services or support programs;
(2) Interfere with the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus;
(3) Involve illegal activity;
(4) Create a hazard or result in damage to college facilities; or
(5) Create undue stress on college resources.
The board of trustees hereby delegates to the president or his/her designee(s) the right to cancel the facilities rental agreement at any time and to refund any payment to the college for the use of college facilities. If imminent danger exists or unlawful activity is practiced by the using organization, or if there is any violation of any term, condition or provision of the use arrangement, the college may terminate an agreement immediately and without notice.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 11-11-067, ยง 132P-136-160, filed 5/16/11, effective 7/1/11.]
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