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PDFWAC 132K-24-040


When a division member is not continuing in his teaching effectiveness or professional improvement, the division chairman will initiate the following procedures:
(1) He will meet with this faculty member and develop a plan for professional improvement to be made during an agreed upon period.
(2) A follow-up conference will be initiated between the division chairman and the concerned faculty member at the end of the agreed upon period.
(3) If the division chairman at that time is convinced that professional improvement is not apparent, the division chairman will convene a planning committee. This planning committee will be composed of the division chairman, a division member elected by the division, the concerned division member and the dean of instruction.
(4) The committee will review the evidence of the faculty member's professional development or teaching effectiveness. If the committee concurs with the division chairman's evaluation, the committee will establish a program of professional improvement for the faculty member together with a schedule for completion of the specific elements of the program.
(5) If, after the schedule for professional improvement has been completed, the committee considers the faculty member's professional improvement or teaching effectiveness to be unsatisfactory for the period, the committee may:
(a) Recommend to the college president that the individual's salary advancement for the ensuing year be withheld or
(b) Recommend to the college president that the faculty member's review committee be formally activated pursuant to WAC 132K-20-050 and 132K-20-060. (Community College District 11 tenure policy)
(6) Any professional staff member, with two professional staff cosigners, may petition for an evaluation of the teaching effectiveness and professional improvement of any division chairman. The evaluation will be initiated by the dean of instruction. If the dean's evaluation indicates that a division chairman's teaching record in this regard is inadequate, the dean will initiate steps one and two (paragraphs 1 and 2 above). If professional improvement is not apparent at the time of the follow-up conference, the dean will convene a planning committee, composed of the dean of instruction, a division member elected by the division, the most senior member of the division (other than the division chairman himself or the elected division member), and the concerned division chairman. The rest of the steps, paragraphs 4 and 5 above, will then become applicable.
[Order 6, ยง 132K-24-040, filed 9/17/71.]
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