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PDFWAC 132K-24-030

Criteria of teaching excellence and professional improvement.

It will be considered evidence that faculty members are in compliance with the intent of this policy if they are engaged in any combination of the following activities:
(1) Attendance at professional conferences, conventions, meetings, or workshops relevant to the instructor's area of concern.
(2) Completion of teacher education courses, specialized training, or college credit programs relevant to the instructor's area of concern.
(3) Educational travel or periods of employment in related work.
(4) Changing texts, course outlines, tests, and other class materials to reflect current advancements within the various subject areas.
(5) Developing new courses, expanding current programs and curriculum, to include such things as state or national level programs.
(6) Taking an active part in intracollege programs, councils and committees that are involved in professional improvement.
(7) Research activities and writing for publication.
(8) Establishing and maintaining an appropriate individual program of evaluating classroom effectiveness which should include at least a record of student evaluations and the faculty member's attempts to respond to these critiques.
(9) Involvement in community service activities involving college related activities that are consistent with college objectives.
(10) Carry out functions as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Handbook under "faculty responsibilities and guidelines."
[Order 6, ยง 132K-24-030, filed 9/17/71.]
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