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PDFWAC 132I-126-430

Supplemental appeal rights.

(1) The following actions by the student conduct officer may be appealed by the complainant:
(a) The dismissal of a sexual misconduct complaint; or
(b) Any disciplinary sanction(s) and conditions imposed against a respondent for a sexual misconduct violation, including a disciplinary warning.
(2) A complainant may appeal a disciplinary decision by filing a notice of appeal with the conduct review officer within twenty-one days of service of the notice of the discipline decision provided for in WAC 132I-126-420(5). The notice of appeal may include a written statement setting forth the grounds of appeal. Failure to file a timely notice of appeal constitutes a waiver of this right and the disciplinary decision shall be deemed final.
(3) If the respondent timely appeals a decision imposing discipline for a sexual misconduct violation, the college shall notify the complainant of the appeal and provide the complainant an opportunity to intervene as a party to the appeal.
(4) Except as otherwise specified in this supplemental procedure, a complainant who timely appeals a disciplinary decision or who intervenes as a party to respondent's appeal of a disciplinary decision shall be afforded the same procedural rights as are afforded the respondent.
(5) An appeal by a complainant from the following disciplinary actions involving allegations of sexual misconduct against a student shall be handled as a brief adjudicative proceeding:
(a) Exoneration and dismissal of the proceedings;
(b) Disciplinary warning;
(c) Written reprimand;
(d) Disciplinary probation;
(e) Suspensions of ten instructional days or less; and/or
(f) Any conditions or terms imposed in conjunction with one of the foregoing disciplinary actions.
(6) An appeal by a complainant from disciplinary action imposing a suspension in excess of ten instructional days or an expulsion shall be reviewed by the student conduct committee.
(7) In proceedings before the student conduct committee, respondent and complainant shall have the right to be accompanied by a nonattorney assistant of their choosing during the appeal process. Complainant may choose to be represented at the hearing by an attorney at his or her own expense, but will be deemed to have waived that right unless, at least four business days before the hearing, he or she files a written notice of the attorney's identity and participation with the committee chair, and with copies to the respondent and the student conduct officer.
(8) In proceedings before the student conduct committee, complainant and respondent shall not directly question or cross examine one another. All questions shall be directed to the committee chair, who will act as an intermediary and pose questions on the parties' behalf.
(9) Student conduct hearings involving sexual misconduct allegations shall be closed to the public, unless respondent and complainant both waive this requirement in writing and request that the hearing be open to the public. Complainant, respondent and their respective nonattorney assistants and/or attorneys may attend portions of the hearing where argument, testimony and/or evidence are presented to the student conduct committee.
(10) The chair of the student conduct committee, on the same date as the initial decision is served on the respondent, will serve a written notice upon complainant informing the complainant whether the allegations of sexual misconduct were found to have merit and describing any disciplinary sanctions and/or conditions imposed upon the respondent for the complainant's protection, including suspension or dismissal of the respondent. The notice will also inform the complainant of his or her appeal rights.
(11) Complainant may appeal the student conduct committee's initial decision to the president subject to the same procedures and deadlines applicable to other parties.
(12) The president, on the same date that the final decision is served upon the respondent, shall serve a written notice informing the complainant of the final decision. This notice shall inform the complainant whether the sexual misconduct allegation was found to have merit and describe any disciplinary sanctions and/or conditions imposed upon the respondent for the complainant's protection, including suspension or dismissal of the respondent.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 28B.50.140(13); 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f); Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq. WSR 21-14-003, § 132I-126-430, filed 6/23/21, effective 7/24/21.]
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