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PDFWAC 132C-120-015

Freedom of expression.

Fundamental to the democratic process are the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. Students and student organizations shall be free to examine and to discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately. They shall always be free to support causes by orderly means which do not disrupt the regular and essential operation of the institution. At the same time, it should be made clear to the academic and the larger community that in their public expressions, students or student organizations speak only for themselves.
Any recognized student organization may invite to the campus any speaker a group wishes to hear, providing suitable space is available and there is no interference with the regular scheduled program of the college and officially sanctioned procedure is followed. It is understood that the appearance of such speakers on the campus implies neither approval nor disapproval of them or their viewpoints by this college, its students, its employees, or the board of trustees. In the case of speakers who are candidates for political office, equal opportunities shall be available to opposing candidates if desired by them. Speakers are subject to normal considerations for law and order.
In order to insure an atmosphere of open exchange and to insure that the educational objectives of the college are not obscured, the president may prescribe reasonable time, place and manner restrictions for the conduct of the meeting, such as requiring a designated member of the faculty as chair, or requiring permission for comments and questions from the floor. Likewise, the president may encourage the appearance of one or more additional speakers at the meeting in question or at a subsequent meeting so that other points of view may be expressed.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 05-10-052, § 132C-120-015, filed 4/29/05, effective 5/30/05; WSR 85-13-067 (Order 24, Resolution No. 52-0585), § 132C-120-015, filed 6/18/85; WSR 80-05-004 (Order 21, Resolution No. 49-0280), § 132C-120-015, filed 4/4/80.]
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