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PDFWAC 132C-120-020

Freedom of association and organization.

Students bring to the college a variety of interests previously acquired and develop new interests as members of the college community. They are free to organize and join associations to promote any legal purpose or common interest.
Student organizations must be granted a charter by the college student government before they may be officially recognized. Prior to becoming chartered, a student organization must submit to the student government a statement of purpose, criteria for membership, a statement of operating rules or procedures, the name of a faculty member who has agreed to serve as advisor, and otherwise meet all student government requirements for charter. All student organizations must also submit to the student government a list of officers and renew a granted charter as required. In order to qualify for issuance of a charter, membership in a student organization must be open to all students. Affiliation with a noncollege organization shall not be grounds for denial of charter provided that other conditions for charter issuance have been met. The charter of a student organization may be withdrawn by the student government for nonconformity to provisions of its charter, the student conduct code, or student government requirements.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28B.50 RCW. WSR 85-13-067 (Order 24, Resolution No. 52-0585), § 132C-120-020, filed 6/18/85; WSR 80-05-004 (Order 21, Resolution No. 49-0280), § 132C-120-020, filed 4/4/80.]
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