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PDFWAC 108-30-040

Review process.

(1) Charter school responsibilities. Charter schools shall submit data, documentation, or other evidence to establish compliance with the performance framework and terms of the charter contract. The charter school shall also submit additional data, documentation, or other evidence necessary to facilitate oversight and monitoring by the commission. This includes, at a minimum:
(a) Submission of the data, documentation, or evidence to the commission in accordance with the format and time frames established by the commission prior to the beginning of each school year. This will include submission of an annual report but may also require submission of other reports at more frequent intervals.
(b) Submission of additional data, documentation, or evidence that the commission determines to be relevant to evaluation of compliance with the performance framework within ten business days of the commission's request, unless otherwise indicated in the request.
(c) Charter schools shall submit independent audit reports and any associated findings to the commission within ten business days of receipt by the charter school.
(d) Charter schools shall respond, within reasonable time frames, to any notice of concerns about unsatisfactory performance or legal compliance provided by the commission. The charter school will work with the commission to remedy the problem.
(e) Charter schools shall comply with any corrective action plan required by the commission.
(f) Multiple schools operating under a single charter contract or overseen by a single charter school board must report their performance as separate schools, and each school shall be held independently accountable for its performance.
(g) Charter schools may submit a written response to any findings or recommendations contained in the compliance review report within ten business days of issuance of the report.
(2) Commission responsibilities. The commission will continually monitor the performance and legal compliance of the charter schools it oversees, at a minimum, this will include:
(a) Collecting and analyzing data to support ongoing evaluation according to the performance framework.
(b) Annual evaluation of compliance with the performance framework in accordance with established rating categories and associated rubric(s).
(c) Annual issuance of a compliance review report that documents the results of the annual evaluation, along with any additional relevant information, including necessary corrective action.
(d) By September 1st of each school year, establish format and time frames governing the submission of data, documentation, or evidence to be submitted to the commission by the charter schools.
(e) Post time frames on the commission's website.
(f) Notification to the charter school of perceived problems about unsatisfactory performance or legal compliance, perceived or otherwise, will be given within reasonable time frames considering the scope and severity of the concern. The charter school will be given a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem, unless revocation is warranted by the law.
(i) A perceived problem exists when the commission has conducted an inquiry and it is reasonable to believe that the issue exists (anytime a complaint is brought or information is brought forward).
(ii) The commission will respond to any general reporting of issues within a reasonable amount of time depending upon the scope and severity of the concern. When the health or safety of children are at risk a response will be made within forty-eight hours.
(g) Taking corrective action, or exercising sanctions including, but not limited to, successful completion of a corrective action plan within a specified time frame to address apparent deficiencies in charter school performance or legal compliance.
(h) Imposition of sanctions if the commission determines that it is necessary to address noncompliance.
(i) Consideration of any written response that a charter school submits in response to the commission's findings or recommendations.
(3) Nothing in this provision will preclude the commission from requesting additional information outside established time frames when the commission determines that the information is necessary to satisfy its monitoring and oversight responsibilities under the law.
(4) Nothing in this provision precludes the commission from conducting inquiries or investigations into charter school performance on an as needed basis. If the commission determines that notice may compromise an investigation or inquiry, notice will be provided upon completion of the investigation or inquiry.
(5) Failure to submit data, documentation, or evidence as requested by the commission could result in a finding of "does not meet standard" for the performance framework or corrective action.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.710.070. WSR 13-18-017, ยง 108-30-040, filed 8/23/13, effective 9/23/13.]
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