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PDFWAC 106-116-514

Election to forfeit or contest.

The notice of infraction issued pursuant to WAC 106-116-513 of these regulations shall inform the alleged violator that he/she may elect either to forfeit the monetary penalty to the infraction(s) charged or to contest the matter(s).
(1) If the alleged violator chooses to forfeit the penalty, he/she may do so by paying the appropriate amount to the cashier's office, Barge Hall. Payment will be in cash, check, certified check, credit or debit card, or by money order. Such payment may also be made by mail (other than cash payment). Such forfeiture shall constitute a waiver of a right to a hearing.
(2) If the alleged violator chooses to contest, he/she may do so by contacting parking services, where parking infraction appeal forms are available upon request or you may obtain an appeal form or complete an appeal form on the parking website, The completed form stating the reasons for challenging the validity of the assessed obligation must be filed in the parking office within fifteen days of the date of the infraction notice. The appeal must be reviewed by the university parking appeal board. The parking appeal board will render a decision in good faith.
(3) A person charged with a parking infraction who deems himself or herself aggrieved by the final decision of the university parking appeal board may, within ten days after written notice of the final decision, appeal by filing a written notice thereof with the public safety and police services department. Documents relating to the appeal shall immediately be forwarded to the lower Kittitas County district court which shall have jurisdiction over such offense and such appeal shall be heard de novo.
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