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PDFWAC 100-100-052

County centennial committees.

(1) Although the county centennial committees are independent of the state commission, the state commission recognizes that its own effectiveness is increased many times over by the establishment of local coordinating agencies. The state commission urges the creation of such agencies by all political subdivisions of the state. At the same time, the state commission must rely on and can only work uniformly and effectively with a limited number of such coordinating agencies. Therefore, the state commission will consider that single county committee, by whatever title, designated by the legislative authority of each county and meeting the requirement of subsection (2) of this section, as the prime coordinating agency for local celebration of the centennial, commemoration of explorations, or other related activities.
(2) To be eligible as an official county centennial committee, said committee shall have been designated by resolution of the legislative authority, including an anti-discrimination clause, provision for public submission of program proposals, an appeals process, and annual adoption of program plans and budget by vote of said legislative authority. The state commission will not review details of county plans for approval.
(3)(a) Distribution of state funds by the state commission to assist in local centennial related activities shall be made through the respective legislative authority for use by its designated county centennial committee, unless directed otherwise by agreement with said authority or statute or executive order. Nothing herein shall prohibit the state commission from making grants or expenditures locally for projects deemed by the state commission to be of statewide significance, in accordance with chapter 100-100 WAC.
(b) As and when appropriated by the legislature, one-half of the revenue generated by the sale of motor vehicle centennial license plates from January 1, 1987, through June 30, 1989, shall be allocated and distributed to the counties as directed by chapter 280, Laws of 1986, in accordance with the following formula:
(i) Such distribution shall be prorated to the respective counties on the basis of the number of centennial plates issued to residents in those counties; provided that
(ii) A minimum of two hundred dollars per month shall be allocated to each county regardless of the number of centennial plates issued; and provided further that
(iii) The balance of the centennial plate revenue to be allocated under this section shall be recomputed and prorated to each of the counties on the basis of the number of centennial plates issued to the residents of said counties.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.60.010 and [27.60.]040. WSR 86-21-084 (Resolution No. 86-2), ยง 100-100-052, filed 10/17/86.]
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