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PDFWAC 100-100-050


(1) Executive committee. There shall be an executive committee which shall consist of the chairman, vice chairman, and a third member to be elected by the commission, and which shall transact such business as may be necessary between meetings, provided that the executive committee shall not obligate the commission for any expenditure exceeding ten thousand dollars.
(2) Budget and finance committee. This committee shall be composed of not less than three citizen members and one legislative member. The committee shall assist the commission in the management of its financial affairs, including policy guidance for and approval of biennial budgets, project budgets, review and approval of revenue, contract and grant programs, and general accounting and fiscal overview of the agency.
(3) Administration and personnel committee. This committee shall be composed of not less than three citizen members and one legislative member. The committee shall assist the commission in the evaluation of management and administration of its work, including serving as a screening committee for the selection of the director, establishment of personnel policies, and review of any performance evaluation or disciplinary action with respect to the executive secretary.
(4) Program/project committees. The commission may establish other standing committees charged with responsibility for recommending implementation action with regard to the major programs or projects assigned to the commission by statute, by executive order, or by the commission.
(a) Membership of standing committees may consist of both commissioners and other citizens who are particularly qualified to work on the respective programs or projects. In order to maintain close communication between the commission and a standing committee, the committee chairman normally will be a commissioner.
(b) Unless a statement of responsibilities is adopted by the commission for establishing a standing committee, said committee shall draft and recommend to the commission, at the earliest practicable opportunity, such statement of responsibilities for that committee.
(c) The chairman of each committee shall be responsible for submitting a statement of contemplated activities accompanied by a proposed budget as early as practicable, after commission approval of committee responsibilities, and in accordance with a schedule adopted by the budget and finance committee.
(d) In order to assure an orderly continuation of its work, each standing committee at its first meeting or as soon thereafter as practicable shall elect from among its members a vice chairman, unless said vice chairman has been designated by the commission chairman or the commission.
(5) Each committee member shall serve for a term of one year and may be reappointed. Vacancies in any committee shall be filled in the same manner as provided in the original appointment.
(6) Other committees. In addition, the commission may establish such other ad hoc and standing committees, including internal audit, as may be necessary and appropriate from time to time. Specific authority for recommendation and/or action, and for expenses, shall be clearly stated when ad hoc committees are established.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.60.010 and [27.60.]040. WSR 86-21-084 (Resolution No. 86-2), § 100-100-050, filed 10/17/86. Statutory Authority: Chapter 27.60 RCW. WSR 85-03-011 (Resolution No. 84-2), § 100-100-050, filed 1/4/85.]
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