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Action agendaDevelopmentElements revision and updates.

(1) The council shall develop a science-based action agenda that leads to the recovery of Puget Sound by 2020 and achievement of the goals and objectives established in RCW 90.71.300. The action agenda shall:
(a) Address all geographic areas of Puget Sound including upland areas and tributary rivers and streams that affect Puget Sound;
(b) Describe the problems affecting Puget Sound's health using supporting scientific data, and provide a summary of the historical environmental health conditions of Puget Sound so as to determine past levels of pollution and restorative actions that have established the current health conditions of Puget Sound;
(c) Meet the goals and objectives described in RCW 90.71.300, including measurable outcomes for each goal and objective specifically describing what will be achieved, how it will be quantified, and how progress towards outcomes will be measured. The action agenda shall include near-term and long-term benchmarks designed to ensure continuous progress needed to reach the goals, objectives, and designated outcomes by 2020. The council shall consult with the panel in developing these elements of the plan;
(d) Identify and prioritize the strategies and actions necessary to restore and protect Puget Sound and to achieve the goals and objectives described in RCW 90.71.300;
(e) Identify the agency, entity, or person responsible for completing the necessary strategies and actions, and potential sources of funding;
(f) Include prioritized actions identified through the assembled proposals from each of the seven action areas and the identification and assessment of ecosystem scale programs as provided in RCW 90.71.260;
(g) Include specific actions to address aquatic rehabilitation zone one, as defined in RCW 90.88.010;
(h) Incorporate any additional goals adopted by the council; and
(i) Incorporate appropriate actions to carry out the quadrennial science work plan created in RCW 90.71.290.
(2) In developing the action agenda and any subsequent revisions, the council shall, when appropriate, incorporate the following:
(a) Water quality, water quantity, sediment quality, watershed, marine resource, and habitat restoration plans created by governmental agencies, watershed groups, and marine and shoreline groups. The council shall consult with the board in incorporating these plans;
(b) Recovery plans for salmon, orca, and other species in Puget Sound listed under the federal endangered species act;
(c) Existing plans and agreements signed by the governor, the commissioner of public lands, other state officials, or by federal agencies;
(d) Appropriate portions of the Puget Sound water quality management plan existing on July 1, 2007.
(3) Until the action agenda is adopted, the existing Puget Sound management plan and the 2007-09 Puget Sound biennial plan shall remain in effect. The existing Puget Sound management plan shall also continue to serve as the comprehensive conservation and management plan for the purposes of the national estuary program described in section 320 of the federal clean water act, until replaced by the action agenda and approved by the United States environmental protection agency as the new comprehensive conservation and management plan.
(4) The council shall adopt the action agenda by December 1, 2008. The council shall revise the action agenda as needed, and revise the implementation strategies every four years using an adaptive management process informed by tracking actions and monitoring results in Puget Sound. In revising the action agenda and the implementation strategies, the council shall consult the panel and the board and provide opportunity for public review and comment. Quadrennial updates shall:
(a) Contain a detailed description of prioritized actions necessary in the quadrennial time period to achieve the goals, objectives, outcomes, and benchmarks of progress identified in the action agenda;
(b) Identify the agency, entity, or person responsible for completing the necessary action; and
(c) Establish quadrennial benchmarks for near-term actions.
(5) The action agenda shall be organized and maintained in a single document to facilitate public accessibility to the plan.


SeverabilityEffective date2008 c 329: See notes following RCW 28B.105.110.
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