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Action agendaBiennial budget requests.

(1) State agencies responsible for implementing elements of the action agenda shall:
(a) Provide to the partnership by June 1st of each even-numbered year their estimates of the actions and the budget resources needed for the forthcoming biennium to implement their portion of the action agenda; and
(b) Work with the partnership in the development of biennial budget requests to achieve consistency with the action agenda to be submitted to the governor for consideration in the governor's biennial budget request. The agencies shall seek the concurrence of the partnership in the proposed funding levels and sources included in this proposed budget.
(2) If a state agency submits an amount different from that developed in subsection (1)(a) of this section as part of its biennial budget request, the partnership and state agency shall jointly identify the differences and the reasons for these differences and present this information to the office of financial management by October 1st of each even-numbered year.
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