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CertificateShowing required.

Upon a showing to the department that construction has been completed in compliance with the terms of any permit issued under the provisions of this chapter, it shall be the duty of the department to issue to the permittee a certificate of groundwater right stating that the appropriation has been perfected under such permit: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That such showing shall include the following information: (1) the location of each well or other means of withdrawal constructed under the permit, both with respect to official land surveys and in terms of distance and direction to any preexisting well or wells or works constructed under an earlier permit or approved declaration of a vested right, provided the distance to such preexisting well or works is not more than a quarter of a mile; (2) the depth and diameter of each well or the depth and general specifications of any other works constructed under the terms of the permit; (3) the thickness in feet and the physical character of each bed, stratum, or formation penetrated by each well; (4) the length and position, in feet below the land surface, and the commercial specifications of all casing, also of each screen or perforated zone in the casing of each well constructed; (5) the tested capacity of each well in gallons a minute, as determined by measuring the discharge of the pump or pumps after continuous operation for at least four hours or, in the case of a flowing well, by measuring the natural flow at the land surface; (6) for each nonflowing well, the depth to the static groundwater level as measured in feet below the land surface immediately before the well-capacity test herein provided, also the draw-down of the water level, in feet, at the end of said well-capacity test; (7) for each flowing well, the shut-in pressure measured in feet above the land surface or in pounds per square inch at the land surface; and (8) such additional factual information as reasonably may be required by the department to establish compliance with the terms of the permit and with the provisions of this chapter.
The well driller or other constructor of works for the withdrawal of public groundwaters shall be obligated to furnish the permittee a certified record of the factual information necessary to show compliance with the provisions of this section.
[ 1987 c 109 § 111; 1945 c 263 § 8; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 7400-8.]


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