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Certificate of vested rights.

Any person, firm or corporation claiming a vested right to withdraw public groundwaters of the state by virtue of prior beneficial use of such water shall, within three years after June 6, 1945, be entitled to receive from the department a certificate of groundwater right to that effect: PROVIDED, That the issuance by the department of any such certificate of vested right shall be contingent on a declaration by the claimant in a form prescribed by the department, which declaration shall set forth: (1) the beneficial use for which such withdrawal has been made; (2) the date or approximate date of the earliest beneficial use of the water so withdrawn, and the continuity of such beneficial use; (3) the amount of water claimed; (4) if the beneficial use has been for irrigation, the description of the land to which such water has been applied and the name of the owner thereof; and (5) so far as it may be available, descriptive information concerning each well or other works for the withdrawal of public groundwater, as required of original permittees under the provisions of RCW 90.44.080: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in case of failure to comply with the provisions of this section within the three years allotted, the claimant may apply to the department for a reasonable extension of time, which shall not exceed two additional years and which shall be granted only upon a showing of good cause for such failure.
Each such declaration shall be certified, either on the basis of the personal knowledge of the declarant or on the basis of information and belief. With respect to each such declaration there shall be publication, and findings in the same manner as provided in RCW 90.44.060 in the case of an original application to appropriate water. If the department's findings sustain the declaration, the department shall approve said declaration, which then shall be recorded at length with the department and may also be recorded in the office of the county auditor of the county within which the claimed withdrawal and beneficial use of public groundwater have been made. When duly approved and recorded as herein provided, each such declaration or copies thereof shall have the same force and effect as an original permit granted under the provisions of RCW 90.44.060, with a priority as of the date of the earliest beneficial use of the water.
Declarations heretofore filed with the department in substantial compliance with the provisions of this section shall have the same force and effect as if filed after June 6, 1945.
The same fees shall be collected by the department in the case of applications for the issuance of certificates of vested rights, as are required to be collected in the case of application for permits for withdrawal of groundwaters and for the issuance of certificates of groundwater withdrawal rights under this chapter.
[ 1987 c 109 § 112; 1947 c 122 § 2; 1945 c 263 § 9; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 7400-9.]


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