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Community custodyMotor vehicle-related feloniesSentencingReport. (Expires June 30, 2026.)

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of RCW 9.94A.701 and 9.94A.702 and subject to the provisions of this section, a court may sentence an offender to community custody for a period of six to twelve months when the midpoint of the standard sentence range is greater than one year and the person is being sentenced for one of the following crimes:
(a) Theft of a motor vehicle (RCW 9A.56.065);
(b) Possession of a stolen vehicle (RCW 9A.56.068);
(c) Taking a motor vehicle without permission in the first degree (RCW 9A.56.070);
(d) Taking a motor vehicle without permission in the second degree (RCW 9A.56.075); or
(e) Attempt of (a) or (b) of this subsection.
(2) The department shall conduct an assessment of the offender and identify programming and services that would be appropriate to address the offender's needs. To the extent possible, the department shall make available the programming identified by the assessment while the offender is on community custody.
(3) For purposes of this section, the offender's sentence of incarceration may not exceed the midpoint of the standard sentence range reduced by one-third of the ordered term of community custody.
(4) An offender receiving a sentence under this section is not eligible for earned release time under RCW 9.94A.729 in excess of one-third of the total sentence.
(5) No later than November 1, 2025, the department shall submit a report to the governor and the appropriate committees of the legislature analyzing the effectiveness of supervision in reducing recidivism among offenders committing felonies relating to the theft or taking of a motor vehicle. The department shall consult with the Washington state institute for public policy in guiding its data tracking efforts and preparing the report.
(6) This section expires June 30, 2026.
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