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Community custodySex offendersConditions.

(1) At any time prior to the completion or termination of a sex offender's term of community custody, if the court finds that public safety would be enhanced, the court may impose and enforce an order extending any or all of the conditions of community custody for a period up to the maximum allowable sentence for the crime as it is classified in chapter 9A.20 RCW, regardless of the expiration of the offender's term of community custody.
(2) If a violation of a condition extended under this section occurs after the expiration of the offender's term of community custody, it shall be deemed a violation of the sentence for the purposes of RCW 9.94A.631 and may be punishable as contempt of court as provided for in RCW 7.21.040.
(3) If the court extends a condition beyond the expiration of the term of community custody, the department is not responsible for supervision of the offender's compliance with the condition.


IntentApplicationApplication of repealersEffective date2008 c 231: See notes following RCW 9.94A.701.
Severability2008 c 231: See note following RCW 9.94A.500.
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