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Petition to dissolve districtElection.

At any time after five years from the organization of a district, twenty percent of the voters in the district may file with the commission a petition, praying that the district be dissolved. The commission may hold public hearings thereon, and within sixty days from receipt of the petition, shall give due notice of an election on the question of dissolution. It shall provide appropriate ballots, conduct the election, canvass the returns, and declare the results in the same manner as for elections to create a district.
All district electors may vote at the election. No informality relating to the election shall invalidate it if notice is substantially given and the election is fairly conducted.
[ 1999 c 305 § 9; 1973 1st ex.s. c 184 § 25; 1955 c 304 § 25. Prior: 1939 c 187 § 15, part; RRS § 10726-15, part.]
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