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Intergovernmental cooperationAuthority.

Any agency of the government of this state and any local political subdivision of this state is hereby authorized to make such arrangements with any district, through contract, regulation or other appropriate means, wherever it believes that such arrangements will promote administrative efficiency or economy.
In connection with any such arrangements, any state or local agency or political subdivision of this state is authorized, within the limits of funds available to it, to contribute funds, equipment, property or services to any district; and to collaborate with a district in jointly planning, constructing, financing or operating any work or activity provided for in such arrangements and in the joint acquisition, maintenance and operation of equipment or facilities in connection therewith.
State agencies, the districts, and other local agencies are authorized to make available to each other maps, reports and data in their possession that are useful in the preparation of their respective programs and plans for resource conservation. The districts shall keep the state and local agencies fully informed concerning the status and progress of the preparation of their resource conservation programs and plans.
The state conservation commission and the counties of the state may provide respective conservation districts such administrative funds as will be necessary to carry out the purpose of chapter 184, Laws of 1973 1st ex. sess.
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