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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Area of jurisdiction" means all lands within the exterior boundary of the composite area served by the irrigation entities that comprise the board of joint control as the boundary is represented on the map filed under RCW 87.80.030.
(2) "Irrigation entity" means an irrigation district or an operating entity for a division within a federal reclamation project. For the purposes of this chapter, a water company, a water users' association, a municipality, a water right owner and user of irrigation water, or any other entity that provides irrigation water as a primary purpose, is an irrigation entity when creating or joining a board of joint control with an irrigation district or operating entity for a division within a federal reclamation project.
(3) "Joint use facilities" means those works, including reservoirs, canals, ditches, natural streams in which the irrigation entity has rights of conveyance under RCW 90.03.030, hydroelectric facilities, pumping stations, drainage works, reserved works as may be transferred by contracts with the United States, and system interties that are determined by the board of joint control to provide common benefit to its members.
(4) "Ownership interest" means the irrigation entity holds water rights in its name for the benefit of itself, its water users or, in federal reclamation projects, the irrigation entity has a contractual responsibility for delivery of water to its individual water users.
(5) "Source of water" means a hydrological distinct river and tributary system or aquifer system from which board of joint control member entities appropriate water.
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