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Board of joint control authorized.

A board of joint control may be created as provided in this chapter to administer: (1) The construction, operation, maintenance, betterments, and regulations of the joint use facilities, including reservoirs, canals, hydroelectric facilities within the works of the irrigation water supply system, pumping stations, drainage works, reserved works, and system interconnections, of two or more irrigation entities which are the owners of, have an ownership interest in, or are trustees for owners of water rights having the same source or which use common works for the diversion and either transportation, or drainage, or both, of all or any part of their respective irrigation water supplies; and (2) activities and programs that promote more effective and efficient water management for the benefit of member entities of a board of joint control.
[ 1996 c 320 § 1; 1949 c 56 § 1; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 7505-20.]
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