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Meeting of board of equalizationResolutionNotice.

Said board of directors shall adopt and enter a resolution fixing the day, hour, and place when and where the board will convene as a board of equalization to equalize the assessment roll and a copy of the resolution adopting December 31st as the day on or before which assessments shall be paid, together with a notice signed by the secretary stating the day, hour, and place of the meeting of the board of equalization, shall be published for two consecutive weekly issues prior to the day of the convening of the board of equalization in some newspaper of general circulation in the district to be previously designated by the district board.
[ 1941 c 141 § 3; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 7525-15.]


SeverabilityConstruction1941 c 141: See notes following RCW 87.68.010.
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