Chapter 87.68 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.68.010Resolution to fix time of paying assessments.
HTMLPDF 87.68.020Discount on advance payments.
HTMLPDF 87.68.030Meeting of board of equalizationResolutionNotice.
HTMLPDF 87.68.040Assessment rolls, resolution, to county treasurers.
HTMLPDF 87.68.050Payment and collection of assessments.
HTMLPDF 87.68.060Certain electionsDistricts of two hundred thousand acresNotice of election.
HTMLPDF 87.68.070Deposit of funds in bank of board of control's choice.
HTMLPDF 87.68.090Security for deposits.
HTMLPDF 87.68.100Audit of board's records.
HTMLPDF 87.68.110Costs, assessments forSpecial fundsInvestment of.
HTMLPDF 87.68.120Contract for use of canal.
HTMLPDF 87.68.130Contract with board to operate works.
HTMLPDF 87.68.140Disposal of property authorizedBoard may sue and be sued.


Acquisition, construction, and operating fundsTolls and assessments, alternative methods ofLiens, foreclosure ofDelinquencies by tenants: RCW 87.03.445.
Board's powers and duties generally (contracts with state and United States): RCW 87.03.140.
Bonds, election for (when contracts with United States): RCW 87.03.200.
Cancellation of assessments due United StatesProcedure: RCW 87.03.280.
Certain purposes for which district may be formed: RCW 87.03.010(5).
Indemnity to state on land settlement contracts: Chapter 87.48 RCW.
Levies and assessments (for state or United States): RCW 87.03.260 through 87.03.280.
L.I.D.'sContract with state or United States for local improvement work: RCW 87.03.520.
Payment of bonds and interest (to state and United States): RCW 87.03.215.
Proposed worksReclamation service may make findings: RCW 87.03.185.
Rights of federal agencies as to certain district bonds: RCW 87.03.235.