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When district insolventElection to dissolve.

In all instances where fifty percent of the acreage within an irrigation district has been sold to the district on account of delinquent district assessments, and more than one year has elapsed since the sale of said property to the district without redemption by the owners thereof, and the district is unable to raise sufficient revenue to meet its obligations when the same become due and payable, such district shall be deemed insolvent and the district board shall have authority to call an election in the district to determine whether the district shall discontinue operation and dissolve: PROVIDED, That in case there are bonds of the district outstanding, written consent of the holders of at least fifty-one percent in amount of such outstanding bonds shall be obtained by the district board before calling said election: PROVIDED, FURTHER, That if any portion of such outstanding bonds are owned by the state of Washington the board of directors of such district shall give written notice to the director of ecology of the intention of the board of directors to call such election, and unless the director of ecology shall sign written objection to the calling of such election within ten days after the giving of such notice the state shall be deemed as consenting thereto.
Said election shall be called, shall be conducted and the results canvassed in the same manner substantially provided by law for a bond election in the district.


Bonds, election for: RCW 87.03.200.
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