Chapter 87.56 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.56.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 87.56.010When district insolventElection to dissolve.
HTMLPDF 87.56.020Majority voteAction for dissolution.
HTMLPDF 87.56.030Powers of court.
HTMLPDF 87.56.040Service of process.
HTMLPDF 87.56.050ComplaintContents.
HTMLPDF 87.56.060Notice of hearingPublication.
HTMLPDF 87.56.065HearingDecreeReceiver.
HTMLPDF 87.56.100Unmatured claimsAcceleration.
HTMLPDF 87.56.160LiquidationAssessments to pay remaining debts.
HTMLPDF 87.56.170Judgment upon stipulationPayment.
HTMLPDF 87.56.180Trustee for creditorsBondDuties.
HTMLPDF 87.56.190Enforcement of judgment.
HTMLPDF 87.56.200Distribution of fundsCourt to retain jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 87.56.203Compensation of trustee.
HTMLPDF 87.56.205Judgment upon stipulationPrerequisites.
HTMLPDF 87.56.210Judgment upon stipulationEvidences of indebtedness to be canceled.
HTMLPDF 87.56.225Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 87.56.230Final report of receiverApportionment of excess assetsDecree of dissolution.
HTMLPDF 87.56.240Decree to be filed in each county.
HTMLPDF 87.56.900Chapter alternative methodSaving.
HTMLPDF 87.56.910Construction1925 ex.s. c 124.


Dissolution of inactive special purpose districts: Chapter 36.96 RCW.