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Said notice shall state that the district (naming it) proposes to issue and dispose of a refunding bond issue specifying the amount; that proceedings have been instituted in the superior court of the state of Washington in and for the specified county to determine the maximum benefits to be received by the lands within the operation of said district from the issuance and disposal of said proposed bond issue, and further to determine the irrigable acreage which will be assessed for the payment of said bonds, shall state that a schedule of the lands involved together with a statement of the amount of maximum benefits received by the amount of irrigable acreage in each respectively, is on file in said proceedings and may be inspected by any interested person, shall state the time and place fixed for the hearing of the petition and shall state that any person interested in such proceedings may on or before the day fixed for said hearing file his or her written objections thereto with the clerk of said court, or he or she will be forever bound by such orders as the court shall make in such proceedings.
[ 2013 c 23 § 512; 1929 c 120 § 7; RRS § 7530-7. Formerly RCW 87.22.060, part.]
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