Chapter 87.22 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.22.010Refunding authorized.
HTMLPDF 87.22.020When proceedings may be instituted.
HTMLPDF 87.22.030PetitionContents.
HTMLPDF 87.22.040Schedule of maximum benefits.
HTMLPDF 87.22.050Hearing, time and place of.
HTMLPDF 87.22.060NoticeService.
HTMLPDF 87.22.065NoticeContents.
HTMLPDF 87.22.070HearingDecree.
HTMLPDF 87.22.080Benefits, how determinedDismissalContinuanceWaiver.
HTMLPDF 87.22.085Irrigable acreage, how determined.
HTMLPDF 87.22.090Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 87.22.100Final judgment conclusive.
HTMLPDF 87.22.105Final judgment conclusiveException.
HTMLPDF 87.22.110Transcript to other counties.
HTMLPDF 87.22.120ElectionQuestion to electors.
HTMLPDF 87.22.125ElectionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 87.22.130ElectionNotice, contents.
HTMLPDF 87.22.140ElectionMajority vote affirmative, procedure.
HTMLPDF 87.22.145Exchange of bonds.
HTMLPDF 87.22.150Form of bondsManner of paymentInterest rate.
HTMLPDF 87.22.160Interest on unpaid bond installmentsWhen payable.
HTMLPDF 87.22.165Bond payments, where payable.
HTMLPDF 87.22.170Bond contentsTransferabilityPriority.
HTMLPDF 87.22.175BondsSignatureRegistration book.
HTMLPDF 87.22.190Transfer on registration book required.
HTMLPDF 87.22.200Bonds of equal priority.
HTMLPDF 87.22.210Payment to record owner.
HTMLPDF 87.22.215Payment to agent.
HTMLPDF 87.22.230AssessmentsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 87.22.240AssessmentsMethods of payment.
HTMLPDF 87.22.245AssessmentsReceipts.
HTMLPDF 87.22.250AssessmentsPayment in money only.
HTMLPDF 87.22.260Sale or lease of foreclosed landDisposition of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 87.22.270Excess in bond fundApportionment.
HTMLPDF 87.22.275Rights of bond ownersLien of bondsManner of payment.
HTMLPDF 87.22.280Judicial confirmation.
HTMLPDF 87.22.910ConstructionChapter additional method.