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Upon the expiration of the time within which exceptions may be filed to the report of the viewers aforesaid, the court shall set a day upon which the petition and the report of the viewers shall be heard and considered by the court. In case exceptions have been filed by any party or parties, which exceptions must have been served upon the petitioner or petitioners prior to the hearing, the court shall hear evidence in regard thereto, and without a jury, pass upon the questions of the necessity for said ditch and the location thereof. If the court finds that such ditch is necessary, and the route selected is the best and most practicable, and that the compensation allowed by the viewers is just and reasonable, then the court shall file his or her findings to this effect and cause an order to be entered approving the petition and report of the viewers. If, within twenty days from the filing of the findings of facts aforesaid, the petitioner or petitioners shall pay into court all the costs and sums awarded to the owner or owners of the land over which said ditch shall pass, a decree shall be entered establishing the same: PROVIDED, If any party shall except to the amount of damages found by the viewers, then the amount of such damages shall be tried by jury, unless a jury trial be waived by the parties, in which case trial thereof may be had by the court. Such trial shall be at a regular term of said court, at which a jury shall be present, and shall be conducted and verdict rendered in the same manner as in civil actions: PROVIDED FURTHER, That it shall not be incumbent on the petitioner to pay into court the amount of the award or awards of said jury, until within twenty days after said verdict shall have been rendered and entered.
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