Chapter 85.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 85.28.010Private parties authorized to establish ditches and drains.
HTMLPDF 85.28.020Petition to appropriateContents.
HTMLPDF 85.28.030Cost bond by petitioner.
HTMLPDF 85.28.040Viewers to be appointedDuties.
HTMLPDF 85.28.050Report of viewers and plat to be filed.
HTMLPDF 85.28.060Summons to landownersContents and form.
HTMLPDF 85.28.080Service by publication.
HTMLPDF 85.28.090TrialFindings or verdictDecreeTime for payment of award.
HTMLPDF 85.28.100Appeal.
HTMLPDF 85.28.110Compensation of viewersCosts.
HTMLPDF 85.28.120New viewers may be appointed if report not adopted.
HTMLPDF 85.28.130Drainage of tide or marsh landsDivision of cost between contiguous tracts.
HTMLPDF 85.28.140Dike or ditch as common boundaryDivision of costs.
HTMLPDF 85.28.150Dike, dam, or causeway at Bachelor Slough.