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Report of viewers and plat to be filed.

When said viewers shall have made said examination they shall, within ten days after the day appointed by the court for such examination, report to the court, in writing, (filing the same with the clerk of said court) their decision as to the necessity for said ditch and if they deem such ditch necessary, then the *county surveyor shall file with such report an accurate description and plat of the proposed ditch, showing the course thereof as recommended by the viewers. The viewers shall also estimate the amount of damage which each separate owner would suffer by reason of the construction thereof.
[ 1899 c 125 s 5; RRS s 4398. Prior: 1883 p 79 s 8; Code 1881 s 2507; 1877 p 314 s 2; 1875 p 94 s 6.]


*Reviser's note: "county surveyor," see note following RCW 85.28.040.
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