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Roll and proceedings conclusiveExceptionsRight to injunction.

Whenever any roll shall have been adopted by the board of commissioners, the regularity, validity and correctness of the proceedings relating thereto shall be conclusive upon all parties, and it cannot in any manner be contested or questioned in any proceeding whatsoever by any person not filing written objections to such roll as provided in RCW 85.18.050 and appealing from the action of the board in confirming such roll in the manner and within the time in this chapter provided. No proceeding of any kind, except proceedings had through the process of appeal as in this chapter provided, shall be commenced or prosecuted or may be maintained, for the purpose of defeating or contesting any assessment or charge made through levies under this chapter, or the sale of any property to pay such charges: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That suit in injunction may be brought to prevent collection of charges of assessments or sale of property thereunder upon the following grounds and no other:
(1) That the property charged or about to be sold does not appear upon the district roll filed with the county auditor, or
(2) The charge has been paid.
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