Chapter 85.18 RCW



HTMLPDF 85.18.005Declaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 85.18.010Levy for continuous benefits authorizedBase benefits.
HTMLPDF 85.18.020Roll of protected property.
HTMLPDF 85.18.030Hearing on rollDetermining continuous base benefit.
HTMLPDF 85.18.040Notice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 85.18.050Procedure on hearingObjections.
HTMLPDF 85.18.060Additional roll as to particular propertyProcedure.
HTMLPDF 85.18.070Roll to be certified and filed.
HTMLPDF 85.18.080Roll to provide basis for levy.
HTMLPDF 85.18.090Roll and proceedings conclusiveExceptionsRight to injunction.
HTMLPDF 85.18.100Review by superior courtHow taken.
HTMLPDF 85.18.110Review by superior courtTranscriptContentsFiling.
HTMLPDF 85.18.120Review by superior courtFiling feeBondPriority of cause.
HTMLPDF 85.18.130Review by superior courtScopeJudgment.
HTMLPDF 85.18.140Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 85.18.150Levy is for continuous benefits only.
HTMLPDF 85.18.160Annual estimate of costsLevy as part of general taxes.
HTMLPDF 85.18.170Emergency expendituresWarrants.
HTMLPDF 85.18.180Levy is exclusive method for raising revenueException.