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Additional roll as to particular propertyProcedure.

The board shall, from time to time, examine the properties within said district, and if it finds that any protected land or buildings thereon have been omitted from the existing roll, or new buildings have been added to lands, or the condition of land or buildings has changed, and in the initial judgment of the board such land or the buildings thereon was such that it was furnished the protective benefits of the improvements of the district, the board shall cause at each such time an additional roll of such property to be filed with it, and hold a hearing to determine and make such corrections, additions, alterations and modifications of the benefits to such property only, and to hear any objections filed as to such property only. The board shall give notice of such hearing to the owner, or reputed owner, of the property involved, at the address of such owner as then shown on the tax rolls of the treasurer of the county wherein the property is located, in the same way and manner as herein provided for consideration of the original roll, but such notice need not be published.
At the hearing, or any adjournment thereof, the board shall have power to correct, revise, change, modify, or set aside such roll, or any part thereof, as shall be deemed just and equitable, and then adopt the same by resolution.
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