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Correction of unsafe or defective conditionsWalkways and handrails as unsafe or defective condition, when.

If upon investigation the commission finds that the equipment, facilities, tracks, bridges, or other structures of any common carrier are defective, and that the operation thereof is dangerous to the employees of the common carrier or to the public, it shall immediately give notice to the superintendent or other officer of the common carrier of the repairs or reconstruction necessary to place the same in a safe condition. The commission may also prescribe the rate of speed for trains or cars passing over the dangerous or defective track, bridge, or other structure until the repairs or reconstruction required are made, and may also prescribe the time when the repairs or reconstruction must be made; or if, in the commission's opinion, it is needful or proper, the commission may forbid trains or cars to run over any defective track, bridge, or structure until the track, bridge, or structure is repaired and placed in a safe condition. Railroad bridges or trestles without walkways and handrails may be identified as an unsafe or defective condition under this section after a hearing by the commission upon complaint or on its own motion. The commission, in making the determination, shall balance considerations of employee and public safety with the potential for increased danger to the public resulting from adding walkways or handrails to railway bridges. A railroad company and its employees are not liable for injury to or death of any person occurring on or about any railway bridge or trestle if the person was not a railway employee but was a trespasser or was otherwise not authorized to be in the location where the injury or death occurred.
Appeal from or action to review any order of the commission made under this section is not available if the commission finds that immediate compliance is necessary for the protection of employees or the public.
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