Chapter 81.44 RCW



81.44.010Order for improved equipment and facilities.
81.44.020Correction of unsafe or defective conditionsWalkways and handrails as unsafe or defective condition, when.
81.44.070Duties of inspector of safety appliances.
81.44.085First aid kits and drinking waterPenalty.
81.44.130Safeguarding frogs, switches, and guard rails.
81.44.170Hazardous materials inspectionsAuthority for certified commission employees to enter property of certain businesses.
81.44.180Annual work plan and inspection activityIncorporation of certain data.


Excessive steam in boilers, penalty: RCW 70.54.080.
Safety and health, tunnels and underground construction: Chapter 49.24 RCW.
Steam boilers, pressure vessels, construction, inspection, etc.: Chapter 70.79 RCW.
Tampering with signals, lights, etc.: RCW 88.08.020.