Chapter 70.79 RCW
Board of boiler rulesMembersTermsMeetings.
Compensation and travel expenses.
Duties of board.
Rules and regulationsScope.
Rules and regulationsEffect.
Construction, installation must conform to rulesInspection certificate.
Existing installationsConformance required.
Exemptions from chapter.
Exemptions from certain provisions.
Espresso machinesLocal regulation prohibited.
Chief inspectorQualificationsAppointment, removal.
Chief inspectorDuties in general.
Deputy inspectorsQualificationsEmployment.
Special inspectorsQualificationsCommission.
Special inspectorsCompensationContinuance of commission.
Special inspectorsInspectionsExempts from inspection fees.
Report of inspection by special inspectorFiling.
Examinations for inspector's appointment or commissionReexamination.
Suspension, revocation of inspector's commissionGroundsReinstatement.
Suspension, revocation of commissionAppeal.
Lost or destroyed certificate or commission.
InspectionsWho shall make.
Access to premises by inspectors.
Inspection of boilers, unfired pressure vesselsScopeFrequency.
InspectionFrequencyGrace period.
InspectionFrequencyModification by rules.
Hydrostatic test.
Inspection during construction.
Inspection certificateContentsPostingFee.
Inspection certificate invalid on termination of insurance.
Inspection certificateSuspensionReinstatement.
Operating without inspection certificate prohibitedPenalty.
Inspection feesExpensesSchedulesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
Inspection feesReceipts forPressure systems safety fund.
Board determinationsAppeals.
Excessive steam in boilers, penalty: RCW 70.54.080.
State building code: Chapter 19.27 RCW.
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