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PreapplicationSiting electrical transmission facilitiesCorridors.

(1) For applications to site electrical transmission facilities, the council shall conduct a preapplication process pursuant to rules adopted by the council to govern such process, receive applications as prescribed in RCW 80.50.071, and conduct public meetings pursuant to RCW 80.50.090.
(2) The council shall consider and may recommend certification of electrical transmission facilities in corridors designated for this purpose by affected cities, towns, or counties:
(a) Where the jurisdictions have identified electrical transmission facility corridors as part of their land use plans and zoning maps based on policies adopted in their plans;
(b) Where the proposed electrical transmission facility is consistent with any adopted development regulations that govern the siting of electrical transmission facilities in such corridors; and
(c) Where contiguous jurisdictions and jurisdictions in which related regional electrical transmission facilities are located have either prior to or during the preapplication process undertaken good faith efforts to coordinate the locations of their corridors consistent with RCW 36.70A.100.
(3)(a) In the absence of a corridor designation in the manner prescribed in subsection (2) of this section, the council shall as part of the preapplication process require the preapplicant to negotiate, as provided by rule adopted by the council, for a reasonable time with affected cities, towns, and counties to attempt to reach agreement about a corridor plan. The application for certification shall identify only the corridor agreed to by the applicant and cities, towns, and counties within the proposed corridor pursuant to the preapplication process.
(b) If no corridor plan is agreed to by the applicant and cities, towns, and counties pursuant to (a) of this subsection, the applicant shall propose a recommended corridor and electrical transmission facilities to be included within the proposed corridor.
(c) The council shall consider the applicant's proposed corridor and electrical transmission facilities as provided in *RCW 80.50.090 (2) and (4), and shall make a recommendation consistent with RCW 80.50.090 and 80.50.100.


*Reviser's note: RCW 80.50.090 was amended by 2022 c 183 § 9, changing subsection (4) to subsection (6).
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