Chapter 80.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 80.50.010Legislative findingPolicyIntent.
HTMLPDF 80.50.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 80.50.030Energy facility site evaluation councilCreatedMembershipQuorum.
HTMLPDF 80.50.040Energy facility site evaluation councilPowers enumerated.
HTMLPDF 80.50.045Recommendations to secretary, federal energy regulatory commissionSiting electrical transmission corridorsCouncil designated as state authority for siting transmission facilitiesReview under national environmental policy act.
HTMLPDF 80.50.060Energy facilities to which chapter appliesApplications for certificationFormsCouncil's dutiesPotential effects to tribal cultural resources.
HTMLPDF 80.50.065Use of fully coordinated permitting process.
HTMLPDF 80.50.071Council to receive applicationsPayment of costs incurred by the councilNotification requirements.
HTMLPDF 80.50.075Expedited processing of applications.
HTMLPDF 80.50.080Counsel for the environment.
HTMLPDF 80.50.085Council staff to assist applicants, make recommendations.
HTMLPDF 80.50.090Public hearingsOpportunity for public comment.
HTMLPDF 80.50.100Recommendations to governorExpedited processingApproval or rejection of certificationReconsideration.
HTMLPDF 80.50.105Transmission facilities for petroleum productsRecommendations to governor.
HTMLPDF 80.50.110Chapter governs and supersedes other law or regulationsPreemption of regulation and certification by state.
HTMLPDF 80.50.120Effect of certification.
HTMLPDF 80.50.130Revocation or suspension of certificationGrounds.
HTMLPDF 80.50.140Review.
HTMLPDF 80.50.150Enforcement of compliancePenalties.
HTMLPDF 80.50.155Additional penaltiesAppeal procedures.
HTMLPDF 80.50.160Availability of information.
HTMLPDF 80.50.175Council's powers.
HTMLPDF 80.50.180Proposals and actions by other state agencies and local political subdivisions pertaining to energy facilities exempt from "detailed statement" required by RCW 43.21C.030.
HTMLPDF 80.50.300Unfinished nuclear power projectsTransfer of all or a portion of a site to a political subdivision or subdivisions of the stateWater rights.
HTMLPDF 80.50.310Council actionsExemption from chapter 43.21C RCW.
HTMLPDF 80.50.320Governor to evaluate council efficiency, make recommendations.
HTMLPDF 80.50.330PreapplicationSiting electrical transmission facilitiesCorridors.
HTMLPDF 80.50.340PreapplicationFeesPlans.
HTMLPDF 80.50.360Duties of chair and director.
HTMLPDF 80.50.370Clean energy product manufacturing facilities.
HTMLPDF 80.50.380Preapplication review of a proposed projectFees.
HTMLPDF 80.50.390Energy facility site evaluation council account.
HTMLPDF 80.50.400Transfer of authority from the utilities and transportation commission to the council.


Reviser's note: Powers and duties of the department of social and health services and the secretary of social and health services transferred to the department of health and the secretary of health. See RCW 43.70.060.
Energy supply emergencies: Chapter 43.21G RCW.
Regulation of dangerous wastes associated with energy facilities: RCW 70A.300.170.
State energy office: Chapter 43.21F RCW.
Water pollution control, energy facilities, permits, etc., duties of energy facility site evaluation council: RCW 90.48.262.