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Use of public lands for state or city park purposesRegents' consent, when.

The department of natural resources is hereby authorized to withdraw from sale or lease, and reserve for state or city park purposes, public lands selected by the state parks and recreation commission, for such time as it shall determine will be for the best interests of the state and any particular fund for which said public lands are being held in trust: PROVIDED, None of the lands selected under the provisions of section 3, chapter 91, Laws of 1903, shall be withdrawn or reserved hereunder without the consent of the board of regents of the University of Washington; except that the consent of the board of regents of the University of Washington shall not be required with regard to any such lands which are situated within the corporate limits of any city or town and are presently zoned for residential use.


Reviser's note: 1903 c 91 § 3 referred to herein is not codified. See Index of Public Land Acts of Special or Historical Nature not codified in RCW following Title 79 RCW digest.
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