Chapter 79A.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 79A.50.010Use of public lands for state or city park purposesRegents' consent, when.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.020Use of public lands for state or city park purposesRentalDeposit of rent.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.030Use of public lands for state or city park purposesRemoval of timberConsentCompensation.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.040State lands used for state parksTrust lands, payment of full market value rentalOther lands, rent free.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.050State lands used for state parksTrust landsDetermination of full market value by board of natural resources.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.060State lands used for state parksTrust landsFull market value rental definedFactor in determination.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.070State lands used for state parksCertain funds appropriated for rental to be deposited without deduction for management purposes.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.080Utilization of public lands for outdoor recreational and other beneficial public usesState agency cooperation.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.090Department estopped from certain actions respecting state parks without concurrence of commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.100State trust landsWithdrawalRevocation or modification of withdrawal when used for recreational purposesHearingNoticeBoard to determine most beneficial use in accordance with policy.
HTMLPDF 79A.50.110Exchange of lands to secure private lands for parks and recreation purposes.