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Categories of trails or areasPolicy statement as to certain state lands.

The following seven categories of trails or areas are hereby established for purposes of this chapter:
(1) Cross-state trails which connect scenic, historical, geological, geographical, or other significant features which are characteristic of the state;
(2) Water-oriented trails which provide a designated path to, on, or along fresh and/or salt water in which the water is the primary point of interest;
(3) Scenic-access trails which give access to quality recreation, scenic, historic or cultural areas of statewide or national significance;
(4) Urban trails which provide opportunities within an urban setting for walking, bicycling, horseback riding, or other compatible activities. Where appropriate, they will connect parks, scenic areas, historical points, and neighboring communities;
(5) Historical trails which identify and interpret routes which were significant in the historical settlement and development of the state;
(6) ORV vehicle trails which are suitable for use by both four-wheel drive vehicles and two-wheel vehicles. Such trails may be included as a part of the trail systems enumerated in subsections (1), (2), (3) and (5) of this section or may be separately designated;
(7) Off-road and off-trail areas which are suitable for use by both four-wheel drive vehicles and two-wheel vehicles. The board shall coordinate an inventory and classification of such areas giving consideration to the type of use such areas will receive from persons operating four-wheel drive vehicles and two-wheel vehicles.
The planning and designation of trails shall take into account and give due regard to the interests of federal agencies, state agencies and bodies, counties, municipalities, private landowners and individuals, and interested recreation organizations. It is not required that the above categories be used to designate specific trails, but the board will assure that full consideration is given to including trails from all categories within the system. As it relates to all classes of trails and to all types of trail users, it is herein declared as state policy to increase recreational trail access to and within state and federally owned lands and private lands where access may be obtained. It is the intent of the legislature that public recreation facilities be developed as fully as possible to provide greater recreation opportunities for the citizens of the state. The purpose of chapter 153, Laws of 1972 ex. sess. is to increase the availability of trails and areas for off-road vehicles by granting authority to state and local governments to maintain a system of ORV trails and areas, and to fund the program to provide for such development. State lands should be used as fully as possible for all public recreation which is compatible with the income-producing requirements of the various trusts.


IntentEffective date2007 c 241: See notes following RCW 79A.25.005.
Application of chapterPermission necessary to enter upon private lands: RCW 46.09.300.
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