Chapter 79A.35 RCW



HTMLPDF 79A.35.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.020Purpose.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.030Trails to be designated by boardInclusion of other trailsProcedure.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.040State trails plan.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.050Proposals for designation of existing or proposed trails as state recreational trails.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.060Coordination by recreation and conservation funding board.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.070Categories of trails or areasPolicy statement as to certain state lands.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.080General types of use.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.090Guidelines.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.100Consultation and cooperation with state, federal, and local agencies.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.110Participation by volunteer organizationsLiability of public agencies therefor limited.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.120Department of transportationParticipation.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.130Participants in conservation corps programsExempt from provisions related to rates of compensation.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.140Electric-assisted bicyclesUsePublic processReportPersons who possess current parking placard for persons with disabilities.
HTMLPDF 79A.35.900Short title.