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Commercial advertising on or in state parks lands and buildingsConditions and standards.

(1) The commission, in consultation with the department of archaeology and historic preservation, may permit commercial advertising on or in state parks lands and buildings when all the following conditions and standards are met with regard to the commercial advertising:
(a) It conforms to the United States secretary of the interior's standards for the treatment of historic properties when applied to advertising affecting historic structures, cultural and historic landscapes, and archaeological sites;
(b) It does not detract from the integrity of the park's natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources and outstanding scenic view sheds;
(c) It does not create a potential conflict of interest because of the commercial or corporate entity's regulatory or business relationships with the commission; and
(d) It will acknowledge individuals and organizations that are donors or sponsors of park events or projects or support the sustainability of park concessionaires, lessees, or service providers.
(2) The commission is encouraged to use its advertising authority to promote:
(a) Community economic development near state parks;
(b) Wellness, healthy food options, healthy behaviors, and any other public health goals or principles adopted by the state; and
(c) Park visitor awareness of services and activities within and near each park.
(3) The commission shall adopt standards for advertising, naming, product placement, and other forms of commercial recognition that require the commission to define and prohibit, at minimum, the following:
(a) Obscene, indecent, or discriminatory content;
(b) Political or public issue advocacy content;
(c) Products, services, or other materials that are offensive, insulting, disparaging, or degrading; or
(d) Products, services, or messages that are contrary to the public interest, including any advertisement that encourages or depicts unsafe behaviors or encourages unsafe or prohibited recreation activities. Tobacco and cannabis must be included among the products prohibited under this subsection (3)(d).
(4) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, commercial advertising, including product placement, is permitted on commission websites, electronic social media, and printed materials within or outside of state parks.
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