Chapter 79A.05 RCW



HTMLPDF 79A.05.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.013ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.015Commission createdCompositionCompensation and expenses.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.020Duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.025ChairMeetingsQuorumLease of parkland or property.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.030Powers and dutiesMandatory.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.035Additional powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.040Director's duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.045Waste reduction and recycling.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.050Community restitution for littering in state parksPolicy and procedures.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.055Additional powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.059State parks education and enhancement account.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.060Parks improvement accountTransfers to state parks renewal and stewardship account.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.065Park passesEligibility.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.070Further powersDirector of parks and recreationSalaries.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.075Delegation of commission's powers and duties to director.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.080Lease of parklands for television stations.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.085Lease of parklands for television stationsLease rental rates, termsAttachment of antennae.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.087Commercial advertising on or in state parks lands and buildingsConditions and standards.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.090Exemption of persons over sixty-five from fees for collection in state parks of wood debris for personal use.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.095Donations of land for park purposes.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.100Bequests and donations of money.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.105Withdrawal of granted lands on public highways.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.110Withdrawal of other landsExchange for lands on highway.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.115Cross-state trail facility.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.120Cross-state trailTransfer of lands in Milwaukee Road corridor.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.125Cross-state trailRail line franchise negotiations by department of transportation.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.130Cross-state trail accountLand acquisitionRules describing trail.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.135Dedication as parks and parkways.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.140Permits for improvement of parksLimitations.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.145Application for permit.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.150Plans and specifications.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.155Surety bond.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.160Police powers of designated officers employed by commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.162Physical injury to a person/substantial damage to propertyAuthority of a designated officer.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.165Penalties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.168Bridge jumping warning signs.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.170Transfer of surplus landReversionary clause requiredReleaseParkland acquisition account.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.175Disposal of land not needed for park purposes.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.178Real property disposalDisputed landMannerNotice and hearingSuit for noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.179Notification requirements.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.180Exchange of state land by commissionPublic noticeNews releaseHearingProcedure.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.185Small boat facilities for Puget Sound authorized.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.187Transfer of ownership of commission-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.189Transfer of ownership of commission-owned vesselFurther requirements.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.190Recreational metal detectorsAvailable land.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.195Identification of historic archaeological resources in state parksPlanAvailability of land for use by recreational metal detectors.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.200Certain tidelands transferred to commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.205Certain tidelands transferred to commissionAccess to and from tidelands.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.210Sale of state trust landsTerms and conditions.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.215State parks renewal and stewardship account.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.220Trust landsPeriodic review to identify parcels appropriate for transfer to commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.225Winter recreational facilitiesCommission dutiesLiability.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.230Winter recreational area parking permitsFeeExpiration.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.235Winter recreational program accountDeposit of parking permit feesWinter recreation programs by public and private agencies.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.240Winter recreational parking areasRestriction of overnight parking.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.245Penalty for violation of RCW 79A.05.240 or 46.61.585.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.250Winter recreational parking areasRules.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.255Winter recreation advisory committeeGenerally.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.260Sun Lakes state park"Vic Meyers Golf Course" designation"Vic Meyers Lake" designation.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.265HostelsLegislative declaration of intent.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.270"Hostel" defined.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.275HostelsAuthority of political subdivisions to establish.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.280HostelsCommission authorized to accept grants or moneys for the support thereofRules required.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.285Land evaluation, acquisition.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.290Acquisition of land held by department of natural resources.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.300Establishment of urban area state parks by parks and recreation commission.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.305Declaration of policyLands for public park purposes.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.310Powers and dutiesProgram of boating safety educationCasualty and accident reporting program.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.335Authority of commission to use facilities and resources for interpretation.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.340Interpretive activities authorized.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.345Stewarding and interpreting state parksCommission's authority to consult, enter agreements, and solicit assistance from other organizations.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.347Agreements under RCW 79A.05.345 or otherwise involving the management of state parkland or a facilityPerformance measures.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.351Outdoor education and recreation grant programCreationEstablish and implement program by ruleAdvisory committeeAccount.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.355Underwater parksLead agency.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.360Underwater parksAuthority to establishPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.370Underwater parksDiverse recreational opportunity.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.375Underwater parksLiability.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.380Water trail recreation programCreated.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.385Water trail recreation programPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.390Water trail recreation programGrants.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.395Water trail recreation programLiability.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.410Water trail recreation programRules.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.415Water trail recreation programViolation.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.425Water trail recreation programDisposition of funds.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.545Washington conservation corps.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.600Declaration of principles.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.605Seashore conservation areaEstablished.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.610Jurisdiction over and administration of area.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.615Principles and purposes to be followed in administering area.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.620Cooperation and assistance of federal, state, and local agencies.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.625Powers and authority of department of fish and wildlife not interfered with.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.630Sale, lease, and disposal of lands within the Seashore Conservation AreaDisposal of certain lands.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.635Ocean beach recreation management plansCooperative program.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.640Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.645Local recreation management plans.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.650Reservation for pedestrian useRestrictions on motorized traffic.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.655Areas reserved for pedestrian useException.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.660Public vehicles.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.665Land adjoining national wildlife refuges and state parksPedestrian useException.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.670Consultation with government agencies required.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.675Compliance with federal and state laws required.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.680Hearings.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.685Adoption of plansApprovalProcedure.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.688Appeal.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.690Cooperation for law enforcement.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.693Ocean beaches in Seashore Conservation Area declared public highways.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.695Amendments to planApprovalProcedure.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.700Declaration.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.705Green River Gorge conservation area created.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.710Acquisition of real property, easements, or rights authorized.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.715Acquisition of real property, easements, or rights authorizedRights of other state agencies not to be infringed upon.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.725Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.730"Mt. Si conservation area"Created.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.735Mt. Si conservation areaManagement.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.740Mt. Si conservation areaValuation of included lands.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.745Eminent domainUse prohibited.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.750Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.755"Washington State Yakima river conservation area"Created.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.760Yakima river conservation areaSize prescribed.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.765Yakima river conservation areaAuthority of Yakima county commissioners.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.770Yakima river conservation areaLand acquisition.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.775Intent to preserve river wetlands in their natural state.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.780Yakima river conservation areaConsultation between commission and Yakima county commissioners.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.785Yakima river conservation areaRecreation and conservation funding board directed to assist Yakima county commissioners.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.790County or city zoning and/or permitted land uses not affected.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.793Department of fish and wildlife, fish and wildlife commissionPowers, duties, and authorityNo hunting in any state park.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.795Acquisition of real property, etc., of another agency by Yakima county commissionersAgency approval required.
HTMLPDF 79A.05.800Scenic bikeways programRules.


Private business activity policy: RCW 42.52.570.