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Identification of landsMinimum program management principles.

(1) The department must identify lands for inclusion into the community forest trust, and manage the resulting community forest trust lands, in furtherance of goals that must be identified by the department prior to the creation of a community forest.
(2) In addition to any goals for a community forest identified by the department, the community forest trust program must satisfy the following minimum program management principles:
(a) Protecting in perpetuity working forestlands that are at a significant risk of conversion to another land use;
(b) Securing financial and social viability through sound management plans and objectives that are consistent with the values of the local community;
(c) Maintaining the land in a working status, through traditional forestry, management of specialized forest products harvest consistent with chapter 76.48 RCW, land leases, renewable energy opportunities, ecosystem services such as clean water protection or carbon storage, and other sources of revenue appropriate for the community forest to generate;
(d) Generating revenue at levels that are, at a minimum, capable of reimbursing the department for management costs and providing for some reinvestment into the management objectives of the community forest;
(e) Providing for ongoing, sustainable public recreational access, local timber jobs, clean air and water, carbon storage, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space in a manner that is compatible with management plans and objectives adopted for the community forest; and
(f) Providing educational opportunities for local communities regarding the benefits that working forests provide to Washington's economy, communities, environment, and quality of life.
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