Chapter 79.155 RCW



HTMLPDF 79.155.010Findings.
HTMLPDF 79.155.020Community forestland trustDepartment authorized to create and manage.
HTMLPDF 79.155.030Identification of landsMinimum program management principles.
HTMLPDF 79.155.040Department's authority.
HTMLPDF 79.155.050Criteria for identification and prioritization of forestlands suitable for potential inclusion in the community forest trust.
HTMLPDF 79.155.060Prioritized list identifying nominated parcels of state land or state forestland.
HTMLPDF 79.155.070Local community must commit to preserving land as a working forestFinancial contribution.
HTMLPDF 79.155.080Postacquisition management plan.
HTMLPDF 79.155.090Use of revenue produced on community forest trust lands.
HTMLPDF 79.155.100Periodic review and update of community forest trust program.
HTMLPDF 79.155.110Statewide advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 79.155.120Establishing community forest districts/local working forest districtsTechnical assistance grants.
HTMLPDF 79.155.130Authority to manage state landsAuthority to develop management procedures.
HTMLPDF 79.155.140Distribution of an amount in lieu of real property taxes.
HTMLPDF 79.155.150Community forest trust account.