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Lease of beds of navigable watersPreference right to re-lease.

At the expiration of any lease issued under the provisions of this chapter, the lessee or the lessee's successors or assigns, shall have a preference right to re-lease all or part of the area covered by the original lease if the department deems it to be in the best interest of the state to re-lease the area. Such re-lease shall be for the term as specified by the provisions of this chapter, and at the rental and upon the conditions as may be prescribed by the department. However, if the preference right is not exercised, the rights and obligations of the lessee, the department, and any subsequent lessee shall be the same as provided in RCW 79.125.300 relating to failure to re-lease tidelands or shorelands. Any person who prior to June 11, 1953, had occupied and improved an area subject to lease under this chapter and has secured a permit for the improvements from the United States army corps of engineers, or other federal regulatory agency, shall have the rights and obligations of a lessee under this section upon the filing of a copy of the permit together with plans and specifications of the improvements with the department.
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