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Notice of correction.

(1) The department may issue a notice of correction to the following: (a) Any permit holder, miner, or other person who authorizes, directs, violates, or who directly benefits by contracting with or employing another to violate this chapter, the rules adopted by the department, a reclamation permit, or a reclamation plan; or (b) a permit holder whose surface mine is out of compliance with the provisions of this chapter, the rules adopted by the department, or the permit holder's current or valid reclamation permit or reclamation plan. The department's authority to issue or its issuance of a notice of correction does not limit the department's authority to pursue enforcement actions, except as stated in other laws.
(2) The notice of correction must describe the items that need correction and must provide a reasonable time for the recipient to make corrections. The notice of correction must identify when, where, and to whom a request to extend the time to achieve compliance may be filed. The department may grant an extension when there is good cause for the request. This notice of correction is not an enforcement action and is not subject to administrative or judicial appeal.
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