Chapter 78.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 78.44.010Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 78.44.011Intent.
HTMLPDF 78.44.020Purposes.
HTMLPDF 78.44.031Definitions.
HTMLPDF 78.44.040Administration of chapterRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 78.44.045Surface mining reclamation account.
HTMLPDF 78.44.050Exclusive authority to regulate reclamationDepartment may delegate enforcement authority to counties, cities, townsOther laws not affected.
HTMLPDF 78.44.055Surface mining of coalPreemption of chapter by federal laws, programs.
HTMLPDF 78.44.060Investigations, research, etc.Dissemination of information.
HTMLPDF 78.44.070Cooperation with other agenciesReceipt and expenditure of funds.
HTMLPDF 78.44.081Reclamation permits requiredApplications.
HTMLPDF 78.44.083Reclamation permitRefusal to issue.
HTMLPDF 78.44.085Application feeAnnual permit feeConfidential recordsAppealsCollection of fees.
HTMLPDF 78.44.087Performance security requiredDepartment authority.
HTMLPDF 78.44.091Reclamation plansApproval process.
HTMLPDF 78.44.101Joint reclamation plans may be required.
HTMLPDF 78.44.111Segmental reclamationPrimary objective.
HTMLPDF 78.44.121Reclamation setbacksExemption.
HTMLPDF 78.44.131Reclamation specificsBasic objectiveModifications for metals mining and milling operationsTimeline.
HTMLPDF 78.44.141ReclamationMinimum standardsWaiver.
HTMLPDF 78.44.151Reclamation plansModification, when requiredSEPA.
HTMLPDF 78.44.161Reclamation complianceInspection of disturbed areaSpecial inspection requirements for metals mining and milling operations.
HTMLPDF 78.44.171ReclamationTransfer of permits.
HTMLPDF 78.44.181ReclamationReport by permit holder on anniversary date.
HTMLPDF 78.44.190DeficienciesOrder to rectifyTime extension.
HTMLPDF 78.44.200Immediate dangerEmergency notice and order to rectify deficienciesEmergency order to suspend surface mining.
HTMLPDF 78.44.210Suspension of a reclamation permit.
HTMLPDF 78.44.220Declaration of abandonmentReclamationSubsequent miner.
HTMLPDF 78.44.230AbandonmentCancellation of the reclamation permit.
HTMLPDF 78.44.240Reclamation by the departmentOrder to submit performance securityCost recovery.
HTMLPDF 78.44.250FinesCivil penaltiesDamage recovery.
HTMLPDF 78.44.260Operating without permitPenalty.
HTMLPDF 78.44.270AppealsStanding.
HTMLPDF 78.44.280Underground operationSurface disturbances subject to chapter.
HTMLPDF 78.44.300Reclamation awardsRecognition of excellence.
HTMLPDF 78.44.310Reclamation consultingNo cost service.
HTMLPDF 78.44.320Definitions applicable to RCW 78.44.330.
HTMLPDF 78.44.330Mineral trespassPenalty.
HTMLPDF 78.44.340Mineral trespassLimitation on application.
HTMLPDF 78.44.350Blanket performance security.
HTMLPDF 78.44.360Performance security insufficient to cover cost of reclamationLien established in favor of department.
HTMLPDF 78.44.370Notice of correction.
HTMLPDF 78.44.380Stop work orders.
HTMLPDF 78.44.390Cancellation of a reclamation permit.
HTMLPDF 78.44.910Previously mined land.
HTMLPDF 78.44.920Effective date1970 ex.s. c 64.